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Conduct hundreds of conversations with your users using AI, so you can focus on building products that people love.

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User feedback chat example

User feedback

Gather in-depth feedback to craft amazing user experiences.

Product validation chat example

Product validation

Validate product concepts and features to ensure market fit before full-scale development.

Market research chat example

Market research

Conduct in-depth market research quickly to stay ahead of industry trends.

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Scale of a survey.
Depth of an interview.

Automate user conversations.

Scale your product research with AI-moderated user interviews.

Perceptional lets you deploy an AI-moderated chat interview that can be easily shared with your users. Our chat interview is fine-tuned to dig deep and learn about your respondents to understand the "why" behind their decisions, giving you meaningful and actionable insights to drive your product development. Get qualitative results that are 5x more in-depth than a survey.

Fine-tuned to ask follow-up questions
Conversational and empathetic
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User Interview Transcripts are turned into summaries. Those summaries are then synthesized into Key Findings in Perceptional.

Access actionable insights.

Transform conversations, whether it’s a handful or hundreds, into meaningful insights.

Perceptional’s AI-powered analysis synthesizes responses from user interviews into clear, actionable insights. Tap into a comprehensive understanding of your user needs and behaviours by accessing AI-generated user interview summaries, key findings, themes, and more. Speed up product research iterations by 14x with automated conversations and results analysis.

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How it works.

Perceptional conducts conversational interviews with your respondents and instantly synthesizes actionable insights. Check out this 100-second walkthrough to see what it's all about.

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User feedback

Have you used ChatGPT? This sample interview was created to collect product feedback from ChatGPT users about their use case and experience.

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Product validation

We're keen to hear more about your product research process. And what better way to do it than directly in Perceptional? Give it a try!

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Your discovery co-pilot. Whatever your goals are...
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Voice of customer

Gather direct insights from customer conversations.

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Product validation

Confirm your product meets market and user needs.

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New feature ideas

Identify user suggested features and ideas.

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Product feedback

Collect user opinions on product usability and appeal.

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Prouct-market fit

Assess alignment between product & market demand.

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Customer profile

Define characteristics of your ideal customers.

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Market research

Explore trends, needs, and gaps in your market.

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