What is Perceptional?
Perceptional is a new way to conduct user interviews and understand your end users' perception of your business, product, or feature. Perceptional allows you to send an engaging, context-aware chatbot to conduct interviews with your end users through text or audio conversations (audio coming soon). As your end users complete these interviews, Perceptional summarizes the qualitative data to provide real-time, in-depth insights - combing the best aspects of online surveys and traditional user interviews. Customers using Perceptional speed up their product research iterations by more than 50% with automated conversations and results analysis.
How does Perceptional compare to an online survey? To a human-moderated user interview?
Online surveys, especially those with open-ended qualitative questions, receive low engagement that often lack sufficient depth for meaningful decision-making. With Perceptional, your end users can have engaging, context-aware, and in-depth conversational interviews that have been demonstrated to increase response rate and response depth. Perceptional is proven to solicit qualitative results that are 5x more in-depth than a survey.

While Perceptional is a great tool to get actionable insights, much faster than traditional interview methods, it is not meant to entirely replace traditional research. Rather, our customers use Perceptional to augment their existing research practices to provide more ways to effectively engage with their end users.
What's does it take to create an AI chatbot user interview?
Creating your first AI chatbot user interview takes less than 5 minutes. Perceptional will require your research objective and questions to get started. You can then easily share a link to the Perceptional AI chatbot with your end users through email, newsletter, or other distribution method. As expected, you'll definitely be able to preview and test the user experience before sharing it with your end users.
How does the result analysis work?
As your end users engage with the AI-led user interview, we analyze the transcript of those conversations using our carefully fine-tuned artificial intelligence model. We provide you with summaries of each user interview transcript as well as key insights from all conversations in a single research project. This means you no longer have to spend hours analyzing data and extracting insights to make decisions. Additional insights in Perceptional such as themes, problems, opportunities, sentiments and much more will also be available.
How can I trust insights from an AI model?
You shouldn't blindly trust insights from any AI model. Our goal is to take an AI-first approach to make the user interview process faster and more convenient. However, we encourage you to balance the use of Perceptional with other research methods to ensure that you have a robust user and product research program in your organization.
Can I integrate Perceptional into my existing customer insight platform?
Yes! While Perceptional is designed to be a standalone product, we also know that product teams often utilize a variety of tools to manage their customer insights. You can export a CSV of the interview data which can be easily imported into other customer insight platforms.

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