Case Study: 10x Faster Product Insights

ScheduLink saved over 40 hours and several weeks of work by leveraging AI-moderated user interviews through Perceptional. By quickly gathering detailed insights from high-volume photography studios like Artona, ScheduLink was able to make fast, informed product decisions. Learn more about how Perceptional streamlines qualitative data collection and accelerates product research.


ScheduLink, a scheduling solution provider, specializes in streamlining the planning and resource allocation for high-demand operations. One of their key clients is Artona, a high-volume photography studio that manages hundreds of recurring photography events.

The ScheduLink product team wanted to better understand the scheduling challenges specific to high-volume photo studios like Artona in order to ensure they cater their product development to their target users.

To gain these insights, ScheduLink needed to gather detailed insights from internal staff at Artona and other high-volume photography studios. However, due to a tight product timeline and the need to make fast recommendations for their leadership, the ScheduLink team chose to rely on Perceptional to conduct their initial AI-moderated user interviews before proceeding with more time-consuming one-on-one user interviews.

“We had a limited time to kick off our customer discovery process and validate our target users’ pain point with scheduling for high-volume photography studios.” - Seenu Y., Product Manager at ScheduLink


The ScheduLink product team integrated Perceptional into their product research process. The team created and shared AI-moderated user interviews with staff at Artona and other high-volume photography studios. The team shared the interview link with respondents via an internal Slack channel and email. Since respondents can complete the AI-moderated user interviews asynchronously, the ScheduLink team received over 20 completed responses within just 24 hours.

“Users were writing long responses, and it was clear that they were very thoughtful with their answers.” - Seenu Y., Product Manager at ScheduLink

Perceptional’s AI-moderated user interview was able to efficiently gather the qualitative interview data and synthesize it for the ScheduLink product team. The research results helped drive early product decisions for ScheduLink and served as a rapid method for qualitative data collection.


The use of Perceptional led to a significant increase in the volume and depth of qualitative data collected by the ScheduLink team, all within 24 hours. 

The ScheduLink team estimates that it would have taken over 40 hours to create, conduct, and analyze results from human-moderated user interviews - and those 40 hours of work would have been spread out over several weeks due to respondent availability challenges.

To validate their findings, the ScheduLink team conducted several human-moderated user interviews in the following weeks. They found that the insights from 20+ AI-moderated user interviews aligned with those of the human-moderated user interviews.

The findings for ScheduLink helped the team better understand the current challenges with the scheduling process at high-volume photography studios. Respondents provided detailed feedback on their current scheduling solution, highlighting specific pain points and areas for improvement. The synthesized data from Perceptional enabled ScheduLink to identify and prioritize key features and improvements needed to enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

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